Monday, July 30, 2007

Avoid Financial Issues With Used Auto Loans

Used auto loans are a perfect medium for acquiring the automobile that you are in need of without putting extra financial burden on yourself.

If you wish to own a car and yet keep your life smooth and free of financial crunches, used auto loans are the most suitable option for you. Lately, large numbers of people, who had opted for financing new cars, have landed into financial tight spots. The reason in majority of the cases is the extraordinarily high cost of new cars. People financing new cars generally obtain car loans at high rate of interest with bulky monthly installments. They continue to pay the installments for a brief period, but mounting financial constraints soon get the better of them resulting in non-payments. Often, their cars get seized and credit gets spoiled.

To avoid such unpleasant and undesirable situations, it is prudent to go in for used auto loans. Such loans are lent for financing used automobiles or cars. Obviously, the cost ranges from 50% -75% of a new automobile’s cost. Thus, the amount you need to finance is less, which means a lower monthly installment. The risk being less, interest rates are also comparatively low.

Types Of Used Auto Loans:

Finance companies generally offer two kinds of used auto loans – secured and unsecured.

Secured used auto loans require you to place a collateral with the finance company. Generally the car you finance serves as the collateral. But, if you wish to, you can place any other asset of sufficient value as a collateral. Secured loans are more preferable, due to their low risk for the company and their interest rates are also quite reasonable.

Unsecured used auto loans do not require collateral, but they generally encompass relatively higher interest rates. Also, you need to have a good credit score. You are required to submit income and employment proofs, proof of financial soundness etc.

Make Use Of Internet:

Internet is the best place to obtain cheap car loan rate, be it finance on a new car or an old one. So make it a point to log on to Internet and obtain multiple quotes from online lenders.

However, in case a finance company or dealership tricks you into obtaining used auto loan at high rate of interest, you can resort to refinance on your car loan. There are many companies offering refinance on car loans. Before going in for a refinance, remember to obtain 4 to 5 offers from different companies. You can use free car loan calculator, a simple program available on Internet, to work out your savings if you refinance your vehicle from a particular company.

Thus, opting for used auto loans enables you to retain your much-needed automobile, improve your credit rating, and above all live a peaceful life.

Used auto loans are car loans for financing used car purchases. You can compare deals and offers from different lenders to avail cheap car loan rate for used cars. The best way to achieve this is to use the free car loan calculator of leading auto loan lending companies. Low Interest Car Loans offers tips and advice to get the best deals and cheap car loan rates for used as well as new cars.

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