Thursday, July 12, 2007

Opt For A Non Profit Debt Consolidation Loan To Lower Your Payments

If you find that your debt crisis is ruining your overall financial health, you may need the help of a non profit debt consolidation loan. When your bill collectors and creditors make calls to you everyday and you do not know how to confront their harassing nature, take low cost debt consolidation help from non-profit organizations. These institutions offer myriad debt reduction help including providing a debt consolidation loan, credit card debt consolidation service, and free debt consolidation quote. However, you could well ask, just what are these non-profit companies offering to consolidate your debt.

What Services Do These Companies Offer?

A non profit debt consolidation company is an entity that makes a start with its free credit counseling services. Unlike other companies, these companies will not charge you for reading your papers and preparing a thorough assessment of your financial condition. These non-profit companies have expert counselors to study your total accumulated debts, rate of interests charged on the debts that you owe, your income structure, and all your monthly expenses. Thereafter, they process a particular non-profit debt consolidation loan that you will find easy to afford by your economic status.

Another useful service these non-profit debt consolidation loan companies offer is debt negotiation. These companies build network with the creditors and inform you about the extent your creditors are flexible to reduce your overall payable debt amount. Representatives and managers at these debt consolidation companies will directly call all your creditors and negotiate the debt amount with them. To reduce your payable debt amount, there are various aspects that are stressed upon, which are –

Total accumulated debt amount
Rate of interest your creditors have charged you with
The age of your debt account that is reduced to turn it to current
The means to waive off the penalties and late fee charges.

There is more. With the assistance of these companies, you are no longer required to pay off your creditors directly. A not for profit debt consolidation company asks clients to deposit an amount that is used to pay off their creditors after a round of negotiations with these creditors. Now, you can pay the debt consolidation company and they will reimburse your creditors on time. The hassle of remembering the payment due date is over. The company will help you plan a budget to help you reduce the risk of acquiring debts in future. Go for a debt consolidation loan by seeking personal assistance through counseling on free budget and debt management. The idea is always to lower credit card interest rates and monthly payments.

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