Saturday, July 21, 2007

Credit Card Debt Consolidation Program – Manage Your Debt

It is very important to understand why you need to manage your debt with the help of a credit card debt consolidation program. The moment you find that, you are having difficulties in paying off your monthly bills/debts, because of your current debts, you should engage a debt counselor. This should definitely be done before the collection agencies start calling you. By keeping ahead, you can work out a plan before things get out of hand. By working with a professional, you can plan a way out of your financial crisis. If you take a free debt consolidation loan program, you agree to stick to the terms and conditions of the program at all costs. If you fail to make your payments on time or leave your counselor, you might run the risk of losing the creditor. In such a case, it is very difficult to find another lender who is willing to offer a credit card debt consolidation help.

Go Easy On Your Spending

It is very easy to get an online credit card quote, and secure a credit card, but you have to pay many charges also for using the facility.
Interest – Interest on a credit card is usually 18% or more. It is compounded on a daily basis. This is the main source of income for the suppliers of credit cards.

Annual fees – Most of the credit card companies charge annual fees from the consumers. This membership fees is usually $75 or higher.

Cash advance fee – If you have a credit card, which gives you a facility to withdraw money, you have to pay a fixed charge on the amount you withdraw with the help of the card.

Transaction fees– If you transact with the credit card company to reduce the interest, change your payment date, transfer money etc. you have to pay a transaction fee.

Late fees – If you pay your credit card debit balance later than the due date, you pay late fees from $28 to $ 36.
Over limit fees – Lender companies usually allow you to withdraw money and purchase goods just above your credit limit. This is to check your credit worthiness. However, you have to pay similar fees like the late fees if you decide to overdraw.

Consequences Of Unpaid Debts

In case you do not pay your dues on time, you may have to face a difficult situation. In case you have taken a secured loan, you can lose control of your collateral to the creditor. In case of an unsecured loan, you stand to lose your credit charging facility. The creditors may damage your credit rating by reporting your non-payment status to the credit bureau. Finally, the collection authorities may sue you for not making your payments on time. To avoid this unwanted situation make use of a credit card debt consolidation program.

Credit card debt consolidation program can free you from spiraling debt on your credit card repayment. You can get an online credit card debt consolidation quote and avail of free credit card debt consolidation loan program on the net.

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