Saturday, July 21, 2007

Federal Loan Consolidation – Your Friend In Need

Federal loan consolidation is all about providing loans to students in need of finance. These student debt consolidation loans come as a fresh lease of life to students who are already reeling under the impact of student loans taken earlier. These loans have a longer repayment date and are provided at a much lower rate of interest. You can take advantage of these loans in many ways. Students with bad credit or no credit can apply for federal loan consolidation. Your application does not go through a credit card check. You do not have to give any guarantee of income. Best of all, you do not have to pay any fees.

The Benefits Of Federal Loan Consolidation

The greatest advantage of federal loan consolidation is that it has the guarantee of the government. Private student loan consolidation companies try to entice borrowers by offering loans at a reduced rate of interest. Usually, the students get a package, in which they get a reduction in interest rates, a longer duration of payment and a lower monthly installment. During the term of the loan even if you miss an installment due to a financial crunch, you do not have to lose sleep over it as you can always apply for extension. You can also offer a date on which it will be possible for you to pay. Because of the ensuing benefits, federal loans are extremely helpful for student debt consolidation.

When you opt for federal loan consolidation, you should tread very carefully and choose your lender very carefully. You get only one chance to take a federal loan. Make sure that the lender is at a reachable distance and one with whom you can interact freely. Also, see that the lender gives you proper respect and consideration. A federal program helps you to save thousands of dollars in terms of interest. Besides, you have a longer tenure and lower fixed installment to pay. However, this program may be available for only a short term, so do not lose time and apply for a federal loan consolidation immediately.

Some More Benefits

Moreover, this is not all; students who pay on time get rewards and incentives from the government. You also improve your credit-rating if you a pay on time. With a federal loan consolidation program, you can save up to 60%on your monthly payment besides getting tenure as long as 30 years if the amount of loan is bigger than $10000. For all purposes, student loan consolidation companies are more than eager to provide loans under a federal loan consolidation program. This is a new loan for the student and he no longer needs to worry about the previous loan installments.

Federal loans are available for a big section of student loans and other loans. HPSL, NSL, FISL, ALAS, SLS, NDSL, HEAL, PLUS and LDS. The US government supports federal loans consolidation under certain conditions. You should try to repay your loan according to the terms and conditions; otherwise, the government pays the lending companies, and extracts the same from the borrower, which can be very inconvenient for the borrower.

Federal loan consolidation facilitates student debt consolidation by offering student loan consolidation programs to help the students trapped in the debt net. Student Loans Debt Consolidation provides information regarding student debt consolidation counseling and other debt relief options.

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