Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How To Get The Most Of Student Debt Consolidation

Higher studies are an expensive affair now days and students today are in debt more than ever. Student debt consolidation offers them an easy way out of it. It is like killing two birds with one bullet; you not only save money with the student debt consolidation program, you also get other long-term benefits.

The Main Purpose Of Student Loan Consolidation

The main purpose of going in for a student loan consolidation program is that, it reduces your monthly repayments. If you have more than lender, it will help you if you put all the student loans into one big loan, which has a lower interest rate. The monthly payment can go down up to 60% in some cases! You have many choices of repaying your loan. You can pay a fixed amount monthly or you can gradually increase your payment amount every month according to your improved standard of living. You can pay less for a longer period of time or pay as only as much as you can afford every month. However, it is not a good idea to take a long period to repay your loan as this means more money to repay as interest per month.

Is The Interest Rate Fixed?

The interest rate for student debt consolidation program is much lower than other debt consolidation program. The interest rate can be as low as 5.25%. This again is not fixed. The student debt consolidation program offered by the different companies varies greatly so it is important to look around and compare them before choosing one. Some also offer additional benefits if certain criteria are met. The rate can go lowered by another 2% but in an average it reduces by 1.25%.

The Additional Benefits Offered

The most important additional benefit of student debt consolidation is the income tax benefit. The interest you pay monthly for your student debt consolidation loan can be shown as a tax deduction for Federal Income Tax (but not other taxes). This will be a huge saving factor for you. If you are a graduate student you can further get 1% reduction in your interest rate if you start repaying within the grace period. It may be little burdensome financially in the beginning but in the long run it is guaranteed that it will help you to save money.

How Do I Get This Help?

There are many companies offering student debt consolidation programs, all you have to do is look in the right place. Be cautious before choosing, companies have different rates of interest so compare many before committing to one. See if they are offering other benefits besides student loan consolidation. Do not go for a company, which charges a huge fee for consolidating your student debt; most do it free. Also, see that they do not penalize you for returning the loan before time; everybody wants to be debt-free as soon as possible.
So now, do not fret over student loans and hamper your studies, go for a good student debt consolidation and study with a relaxed mind.

Student debt consolidation is the best way to repay your student loans by clubbing all loans into one easy-to-pay single loan. A good student debt consolidation program is fringed with many other benefits. Student Loans Debt Consolidation offers more information on how you can benefit from a student loans consolidation plan.

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